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Is Your Company Looking for More Exposure into the HP Software Community?
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Wednesday, July 01, 2015 00:00
Rocky Pisto
Rocky Pisto
Vivit Engage Coordinator

As an HP Partner for 28 years, PCI learned a long time ago that knowing the pulse of the community was very important. We were able to get a sense of it by becoming members of Vivit Worldwide, the HP Software user group.

Vivit is a global organization focused on the end user experience and has been around for over 20 years. Vivit helps HP Software customers keep products from becoming shelf ware and share best practices with peers in Local User Group events or in virtual events from a Special Interest Group.

As our customer base grew, many asked us how they could learn from other companies using HP Software and share best practices. Like most partners, we listened to our customers and became Vivit Local User Group leaders in our region. PCI has supported local events for 15 years, with meetings at customer locations sponsored by HP Software or partners. Customers really appreciate these events because they can network with other companies in the region and connect with HP Software technical resources and partners in the ecosystem.

Vivit has 76 Local User Groups around the world. Each group usually focuses on one HP Software pillar, like Ops or Aps. Our goal is to have every group around the world support all customer expectations and software usage, and we need you.

We found out 15 years ago that becoming Local User Group leaders was a great way to get exposure for our company, share our added value, and win new friends and respect. Being a Vivit Local User Group leader requires two meetings a year and a focus on HP Software or partner ecosystem solutions.

Another great way to give your company exposure to the HP Software community is the Vivit Engage program for partners. This offers partners proven services to meet new customers and generate opportunities for their business.

If your company is looking for more exposure into the HP Software community, send me a note.

Rocky Pisto
Vivit Engage Coordinator
Phone: 614-408-8500

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