Special Interest Group: Configuration Management System
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Group Leadership

SIG Leader: Chris Munro

Welcome!  The configuration management market has reached a maturity level that allows us to look at what happens in terms of the CMDB implementations (the good, the bad, the ugly), collaboratively learn from our experience, and suggest innovative approaches to improve the return on investment for these projects.

Our purpose in this SIG is to share the experience of people who have actually implemented such solutions, along with thought leaders in this domain, and interact with HPE's product management and development team. The results will be to finally turn these projects into true success stories.

Here are a couple of topics we have in mind at this point.  Any suggestions are more than welcome!

  • HPE UCMDB, DDMa and DDMi implementation best practices.
  • Configuration Management, what's next? [Service Information Systems, The CMDB / CMS market in transition]
  • Touch points between the CMS and DevOps.
  • Touch points between the CMS, Service Catalogue, Service fulfillment, and Service Access Management.
  • How can configuration management enable a smooth transition to public or hybrid cloud offerings?
  • Business Services costing.
  • And your themes…
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