Local User Group: Delaware
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Group Leadership

LUG Leader: Todd DeCapua

Delaware Vivit Local User Group

Welcome to the Vivit Local User Group for Delaware.  We are a community of professionals seeking to leverage our experience and expertise with this local group. Both from the online community, one-on-one collaboration, and periodic gatherings, we will share our vast body of practical knowledge and invaluable experience.  In addition, we will have access to various software product engineers & developers, and have increased visibility to serval tools as part of the collective voice of the software customers.  We seek to share and collaborate on specific knowledge to various toolsets (Quality Center, LoadRunner, and QuickTest Professional) as it relates to tips & tricks, challenges, upgrades, administration, and other related ‘real issues’ faced by the experts using these tools.

To offer our members even more opportunities for education and networking, we are pleased to partner with our neighbors in the Philadelphia Chapter by regularly posting their events on the Delaware LUG Home Page.

Group Events

No events scheduled

February 26, 16:15 PM

February 09, 23:21 PM

February 09, 21:59 PM

February 09, 21:39 PM