Local User Group: Toronto
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Group Leadership

LUG Leader: Beau Richards

LUG Leader: Vijay Panchakarla



The Toronto Local User Group was built specifically for users of software solutions. We are going to be running a number of events to bring the local community together. 

So if you are a developer, product specialist or department manager that uses software (either Apps (including Testing), Ops or ITSM or other expanding software portfolio), this is a place where you can gain knowledge and insight on current implementations, new features, exchange best practices and industry trends, while networking with peers from other organizations. 

As this is your local user groupu, we would like to hear from you about what you'd like to see for future events. We would also encourage you to share your successes and experiences associated with your software tools at a future event. 

Vivit Toronto LUG Leader: Milan Danrel (mdanrel@machinedata.com)

Group Events

No events scheduled

February 26, 16:15 PM

February 09, 23:21 PM

February 09, 21:59 PM

February 09, 21:39 PM